About Hotel Ghasr Jahan

Thanks to the warm-hearted hands of the path to the dynamism and beauty of the homeland and the appreciation of the thought that opens the most refined window to the refreshing city. Mr. Najaf Jahani necessary to know from you at the ceremony opening the valve to stay the dawn of fame Natanz, with lovers of heritage and culture Dear doctor, Mr. Monsan Deputy respectful President and Head of Cultural Heritage, Mr. doctor Allahyari General Manager Hotel Qasr, a world-famous think tank, is now the source of tourists, travelers and lovers. Undoubtedly, the Palace of the World is the name deserving of the city of Natanz to dominate the world's precious heritage in the world of cultures and values. Thanks to the thoughtful thought and effective action of your favorite, most beautiful, most worthy and lasting option for the glitter of Natanz. Behold, the palace of your world is our natural oysters.